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Company Profile:


National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), as one of the major subsidiaries of the Ministry of Petroleum, was established in 1992 to meet the increasing energy needs of the country. As its name denotes, NIORDC has been authorized to undertake the responsibility of:

  • Transferring Crude Oil to the refineries and export berths
  • Processing, production and distribution of various petroleum products throughout the country
  • Discharging and transporting the imported petroleum products to the consumption centers
  • Implementation and management of refineries, pipelines and telecommunication network projects
  • Providing internal and remote telecommunication systems for the entre oil industry

Until 2011 NIORDC owned nine refineries, scattered all over the country, giving easy access to the various consuming centers. From 2006, all the existing refineries have undergone modification, upgrading, expansion and modernization treatment to meet the increasing demand of the domestic market and to export the surplus. Also, it was determined to add new units to NIORDC’s existing refineries, such as FCC, RFCC, Isomerization, and Alkylation, aiming at increasing through-put, quality improvements and achieving zero-fuel oil production. Concurrently, new refinery projects have been planned and executed to attain self-sufficiency. With the implementation of these projects, NIORDC's production capacity is expected to increase from the exiting 1.85 million bpd to 3.2 million bpd.

NIORDC, entertained with huge experienced manpower, is ready to join potential customers or internationally recognized companies in order to participate in international bids.

NIORDC has observed environmental regulations to obtain Euro IV and V standards for its major petroleum products under a strict surveillance system.

However, in line with Article 44 of the Constitution, NIORDC is obliged to keep a share of 20% in each of the existing facilities and new plants. Therefore, an adjustment has been made to accumulate its share (100%) in two full-fledged refineries, which are Abadan and Imam Khomeini (Shazand) refining companies, albeit, NIORDC will continue to have custody of the rest.

NIORDC has four major subsidiaries to act as executive arms of the company. A glance at each of the refineries and subsidiary companies is accessible in the following pages.


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